CactuShop Data Tool

Cactusoft is the only ASP shopping cart vendor that provides a sophisticated free tool to help upgrade databases, import data and back databases up.

The CactuShop Data Tool for CactuShop v6 performs the following functions:

  1. Upgrade older versions of CactuShop (v5.x) to the latest version.
  2. Converts databases between MS Access, MS SQL and MySQL.
  3. Imports catalogue or from Excel, CSV, text file.
  4. Execute .SQL files against a MySQL or SQL Server databases to create new databases.

The Data Tool is free and designed specifically for use with CactuShop.

It works by transitioning data from a 'source' format (such as spreadsheet or prior version of CactuShop) to a 'destination' database (the latest version of CactuShop). This way you can upsize your data without destroying your original data. The software is written in VB rather than the alternative ASP-script methods some competitors use to import raw tables, ensuring that it can handle large volumes of data efficiently (including importing images).

If you're considering upgrading to v6 from a previous CactuShop version, the Data Tool can be used to upgrade your data to the free v6 trial version before you make any decision to purchase support coverage.

As with all software, please make sure you read the instructions carefully. There is a section within the CactuShop v6 Manual PDF (availabe here) that gives a good overview of how the data tool works and the steps required to upgrade data.

CactuShop Data Tool screenshots