Free Downloads

CactuShop v7 Trial

CactuShop v7 Trial The database structure and skins specifications are identical to the full version so any content and visual design you perfect using this trial version will be totally compatible with the full version, should you choose to purchase it. More info...

Download CactuShop v7 Trial

CactuShop Data Tool (v3.08 BETA)

CactuShop v6.1 Data Tool The Data Tool enables you to upgrade your old v5.x CactuShop to the latest version, or to import data from a spreadsheet to stock your CactuShop. The zip contains a PDF manual and other useful files. More info...

Download Data Tool

Alternative Database Formats

CactuShop v7 Alternative database formats CactuShop ships with an Access database, but will run with MS SQL and MySQL.

CactuShop v7 User Guide

This is being built with tomeCMS, in the mean time most of the v6.1 manual is still valid in terms of general operation.

CactuShop v6.1 Manual

CactuShop v6.1 User & Developer Manual

Covers trial, standard and pro versions

CactuShop v6 Quick Setup Guide

"I don't read manuals" Quick Setup Guide

Covers trial, standard and pro versions


Download v7 Default

Use this with v6.1 too - especially if you might upgrade to v7 later

Download v6 Default (HTML 4 version)

More traditional table-based layout - ideal CSS base for a v5-v6 skin conversion

Download v6 Orangeybits

Light text on a dark background

Download v6 ThreeCols

Full page width skin with fixed width left and right columns and a centre section that resizes to fill the remainder

Download v6.1 Subversive

Simple fixed-width centre-aligned with integrated search box
More coming soon

Downloads for Prior Versions

MS Access

MS SQL Server

MySQL (for Windows)

CactuShop MySQL Databases Database setup scripts for MySQL (please note: we only support MySQL on Windows)

*Includes both structure and data