Improved Product Image Handling New in v7

Just upload a large image and thumbnails created automatically; up to 10 images per product now supported; Jquery popup with scroll forward/back through multiple images.

Back End Overhaul New in v7

Totally reworked and redesigned for better usability; now skinned for easier customization

Improved Page Layouts New in v7

Tabbed dialog on product pages for cleaner design, thumbnails for recently viewed products and the basket page and dropdown style mini-basket.

W3C Standards Compliant

CactuShop's default template and the code created by all front end pages is designed to adhere to the W3C's recommended XHTML specification. The placement and appearance of almost every page element can be controlled thanks to the extensive CSS implementation. CactuShop's skinning system means graphic designers can work on the look and feel without touching any ASP files.

Product Options

Multiple product options per item such as size, colour, style, etc. are possible. You can also turn these options into specific combinations and track stock of each separately.

Multiple Language Capability

Database driven for easy editing and changes online; supports individual skins for each language.

Multiple Currencies

You can customize each one separately, so users can see each displayed in its preferred form, for example £ 5.20 (with space), $4.60 (no space), 7,30 Kr (symbol after amount and comma as decimal separator) or ¥165 (no decimal fractions). A real-time exchange rate update facility is available as part of support coverage.

Search Engine Friendly

Static URLs, Google Products feed and sitemap support.

Quantity Discounts

Bulk pricing for 2+, 5+, 10+ etc. - you can define the break points and number of bands


'Buy one get one free', 'Buy X get Y% off', 'Buy 2X get Y for free', etc.

Customer Groups

Create customer groups such as 'reseller' and 'valued customers', then restrict access to certain categories of products to a specified group only or give these customer groups a percentage discount. You can also individually price items for particular groups.

Configurable Tax and Shipping

You can choose prices including or excluding tax, tax displayed or hidden until checkout, US state tax, EU VAT support, tax exemption for overseas/out-of-state customers and base shipping charges on UPS real time quotes or the built-in CactuShop banded shipping system.

Saved Baskets, Wishlists and Speedorder

Save a basket to your account or during checkout and reload it whenever you need it. Set up wishlists for others to purchase items for you. Enter item codes of products from a printed catalogue or other source and add them straight to your basket.

Customer Reviews

Configurable to allow anyone to post, only customers or only those who have bought the item they wish to review. You can also require reviews to be approved before going live.

Product Attributes

Create new attributes such as ISBN (for books), author, manufacturer, etc. and choose whether these are searchable and can appear as options on the search form too.

Also featuring:

  • Various incremental security improvements
  • Affiliate system to track clicks and sales via affiliates
  • 'My Account' section to review order history and other account info
  • Support for downloadable items including time limiting and manual approval option
  • EU VAT number format check
  • Opt-in verified mailing list manager
  • Enquiry feature (with option to attach cart details)
  • Cross-selling 'people who bought this also bought' and manually configured 'related items' as well as 'try these categories'
  • Sophisticated search based on keywords and categories; can search custom-defined attributes such as ISBN (Pro version only)
  • Search results displayed in plain text format or using the category and product display options
  • Highlight search terms in results
  • Back end global search box finds customers, orders, config settings and site text matching terms
  • Back end 'to do' list automatically keeps track of tasks that need attention
  • Admin logs keeps track of changes
  • Markup tool - easily modify prices on all items matching the criteria you specify
  • Back end affiliate and product statistics
  • Fixed price or % coupons that properly account for tax
  • Customizable CSV export generator; allows customizable CSV exports to be created, stored and run without hacking scripts
  • Skinned HTML invoice/receipt in back end and customer account section for printing/saving
  • Free Data Tool for importing data, upsizing from prior versions, transitioning between MS Access, MS SQL and MySQL (for Windows)
  • Optional display of stock level, weight and RRP ('recommended retail price' - list price)
  • Backlinks from basket to individual versions
  • Product and category display options: multi-column, extended, normal
  • Add extra text pages with basic CMS functionality
  • Edit most page and email text through the back end system; no script hacking required

Payment Gateways

AuthorizeNet SIM
AuthorizeNet AIM

Barclays ePDQ
Barclays ePDQ


Google Checkout
Google Checkout


PaymentSense Gateway

Paypal Instant Payment Notification
Paypal PayFlow Pro (formerly VeriSign)
Paypal PayFlow Link (formerly VeriSign)

(Formerly SecPay Premium)

Realex Pay and Shop

(fomerly "Protx")
Sage Pay VSP Form (Protocol 2.23)
Sage Pay VSP Direct with 3D Secure

Secure Trading
Secure Trading ST Payment Pages

Velocity Pay
VelocityPay Hosted Pages
VelocityPay Direct Connection

WorldPay WorldDirect: Select Junior

Other Payment Methods

Cactusoft Encrypted Mail
(optional add-on)

Payment by purchase order or offline payment (cheque, fax card details, etc.)


UPS Real Time Shipping Quotes
Real Time rates quote from UPS

CactuShop built-in shipping
Banded system based on weight or price, region and shipping method.

Database Platform

MS Access, MS SQL 2005/2008, MySQL (Windows)