CactuShop Overview

CactuShop is a Classic ASP (Active Server Pages) shopping cart designed to provide a powerful base for e-commerce web sites hosted on Microsoft Windows web servers.

If you are looking for a .NET alternative, please visit our sister site


The system uses an MS Access, MSSQL or MySQL (Windows) database to store product information and most other content. ASP scripts pull out the information and format it as HTML which is sent to the browser.


Although it must be installed on a Microsoft server, the end-user's browser only sees HTML. CactuShop requires no browser plugins or Java virtual machine, there are no lengthy waits for pages to appear, and the pages will work on all common browsers with default security and privacy settings.


CactuShop can handle sites with 10s of 1000s of products. For really big sites (100s of 1000s of products) there is an established upgrade path to our .NET cart, Kartris.

Easy to Setup

CactuShop should be able to run on most MS Windows hosting packages. Once the files are copied to the hosting, an install helper script walks you through the basic setup.

Easy to Customize

CactuShop is 'skinned' - the look and feel is controlled by editing an HTML page template and associated CSS files and images. Full vbscript source code is included, and CactuShop is generally quicker and easier to modify than .NET carts.

Powerful Back End

CactuShop has a refined back end with useful cross-data search to make finding things easy. The product set up and management is equally efficient, using a well-trusted interface style that has evolved over several generations of CactuShop. Virtually all site content, including most general text, can be edited from the back end. The back end has been tested for cross-platform compatibility, ensuring the store can be administered for users with any common browser on any operating system.