Privacy Policy

This policy is designed to explain what information about users the web site collects and how that information is treated. If you have any questions, please contact us.

1. Personally Identifiable Information

Cactusoft does not sell, share or otherwise transfer to third parties any of the customer or user details collected via this or other Cactusoft web sites. Cactusoft will protect the data held on individuals and companies to the best of its ability. The only exceptions would be where recognized law enforcement agencies of the United Kingdom formally request such information or if the information is required in stopping or preventing ongoing network abuse or criminal activity by an individual or company.

2. Our Mailing List

Our mailing list is strictly confirmed-optin. We never add addresses of users contacting us via our web form, users who make an order, users who post to the knowledgebase or users who have any other form of contact with us. The only way to get added to our mailing list is to sign up (either via the box on our site or by checking the box when requesting the CactuShop Lite download). A confirmation or download link email is then sent to the user. In order to become one of the mailing list recipients users must click the download or confirmation link, thereby verifying the address. Users who sign up but do not confirm it in this way are not added to the mailing list.

Our mailing list is used purely for releasing occasional information about our products and services. We treat our mailing list details in accordance with item 1 above. Furthermore, we do not make any mailings via our own system on behalf of others. Each email sent via the mailing list includes a clear statement as to how the users may remove themselves from the list.

3. Cookies

Our site uses cookies to track users clicking through to the site via affiliate links so that the affiliate may be credited with the sale. Other features of the site also use cookies for functionality but these are not linked to personally identifiable information. No third party cookies are placed or read by our site for use by advertising networks or for any other purpose.

4. Logging & Statistics

Our web site records logs of users visiting the site in order that these may be analysed for statistical purposes. As with most such stats systems, information on IPs of users visiting the site, referrers and other such data is recorded and stored.