Tech Support

CactuShop provides technical support for account holders for a limited period (normally 6 months with a new license or 12 months for paid support coverage).

To maximize the effectiveness of support coverage, please follow these steps in order.

1. Read the Manual

Please check the documentation we provide, especially for setup and permissions issues.


2. Knowledgebase

Seach our online database of several hundred issues for instant answers to common problems.


3. Support Ticket

If you're still stuck, please login and open a support ticket in the user area.


Support Requests

We regret we can only provide personal assistance via our online ticket system. Please do not email or call with tech support issues as we will only refer you to the ticket system. Most issues require URLs, error messages and other information that is impossible to transcribe accurately over the phone. The ticket system regulates support, ensuring only licensed users with valid coverage have access. It also allows tickets to be dealt with from both Cactusoft offices and allows us to better track performance and compile statistical data that can be used to improve support in the future.