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Cost of upgrading an existing license to v6 'Pro'

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Date: 11 Sep 2006
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I have a prior version of CactuShop. How much does it cost to upgrade an existing license to v6 pro? How do I order this?


CactuShop v6 'Standard' uses the same license as prior versions of CactuShop. This means that if you have valid support coverage that gives you access to our user area, you can download the latest v6 standard zip and use the same license number issued with your previous CactuShop.

If you would like to upgrade an existing license (either a prior CactuShop or a v6 'Standard') to CactuShop v6 'Pro', the price is just the difference between the 'Standard' and 'Pro' licenses, i.e. US$420. Your old license number will be modified slightly to reflect the fact it is now a 'Pro' license number.

If you have either a prior CactuShop or a v6 'Standard' and wish to purchase a new 'Pro' license (i.e. a new license rather than an upgrade so you can continue to use the other license too), this is US$630 and includes 6 months support. This should show up as an option on the order form if you are logged into your user account on this site.

Once you are a 'Pro' customer, upgrading your other licenses will be half price, and you will also get future 'Pro' licenses at half price, just as with 'Standard' licenses.

It is important to note that purchasing the 'Standard->Pro' upgrade only upgrades the license. It does not extend support coverage. For this reason, if you are out of support, you would need to renew support at the same time as purchasing the upgrade (or before).

It is also advisable to extend support if you have only a short time left. If you purchase support before or with your first 'Pro' license (or upgrade to 'Pro'), it is charged at the 'Standard' rate of US$210 per year. The support is upgrade to 'Pro' support when you purchase your first 'Pro' license or upggrade.

Once you are a 'Pro' customer, future support will be 'Pro' support at US$420 per year.

If your aim is to upgrade a site from a prior version of CactuShop to v6, we strongly advise that you download v6 'Standard' (if you have valid support cover) or v6 'Trial' otherwise, and ensure that you're comfortable with the new features. There is a new v6 Data Tool on the downloads page that you can use to ensure that your data can be transitioned to v6. The skin system is v6 is much enhanced, but this will probably mean you would need to extensively rework a v5 skin, or probably easier, redesign a new skin based on the v6 skin samples. There is much more information in the new CactuShop v6 User and Developer Manual (also on downloads page).

To order the upgrade, please login to your user account and then go to the purchase page. Enter the amount (420) in the 'other payments' field. You must renew support cover if it has expired or the upgrade cannot be processed - standard cover is fine, this will be upgraded to pro as part of the upgrade. Be sure to mention in the comments which of your existing license numbers you would like upgraded to 'Pro' if you have more than one license.

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