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Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode (3D Secure)

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Date: 23 May 2007
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I have been contacted by my gateway vendor regarding Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode (both 3D Secure methods).

I would like to use this service. What changes must I make to CactuShop?


In the case of remote payment gateways where the customer enters card details on the gateway vendor's site, generally there will be no change required for CactuShop. These extra security steps apply to the card transaction itself, and since this is handled on the vendor's site, they will do any integration to add this feature. The interface between the site and CactuShop will generally remain the same, since all CactuShop has to do is continue to pass the normal order details.

The exception seems to be Protx, which does require customers use protocol 2.22 in linking to their gateway. It is not quite clear why this is required as there doesn't seem to be any further information passed through or received from CactuShop's point of view. Protocol 2.22 is supported by CactuShop v6.

[#968] Protx protocol and 3D Secure

For solutions that make a server-server call, the situation is different. The 3D secure checks would need to be done within CactuShop. Currently this is not supported by any of the CactuShop server-server implementations. Documentation from the respective vendors regarding implementing these technologies for their payment systems seem to be thin on the ground at present.

If you are using a server-server integration and your vendor contacts you with information about 3D Secure, please let us know - as developers we are not necessarily the top priority for them when announcing service improvements or changes.

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