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My support & upgrade cover has expired but I want to download CactuShop software or ask support questions

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Date: 4 May 2005
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There are actually a number of questions we get asked regarding access to CactuShop downloads after support has expired:

My support period has expired so I can't download the latest version of the cart or CEM... can you send it to me?

I've destroyed my only copy of CactuShop or CEM by accident / disk-crash / mail server crash, etc. - can you send me the latest version, or the last version I could have got under my upgrade cover?

I've modified my CactuShop and broken it - can you resend the original files?

I didn't download the latest version before my support expired, so please send it to me as it has a couple of changes I want to put on my store.

I bought CactuShop over 6 months ago but never used it - please reset my account so I can have six months access to the user area starting now, or send me the latest version I would have been able to download but didn't.

My support has expired but I still want you to address my support issue for me for free because I don't want to pay $210/$420.


Support is provided for six months (with a new license) or one year (in the case of a support purchase). If you require support after this period, you will need to purchase support via our web site.

If you lost or destroyed your only copy of the files and are outside the support cover period, you will need to renew support in order to download a new copy. Providing replacement copies of the software is support, and as such requires support coverage.

Some users still insist that we "supply them the software which I've already purchased" after they have a mishap and lose or destroy their only copy after support expiry. Please remember that we already supplied it, via our downloads area for a period of six months. There is no obligation for any vendor to provide free replacements indefinitely to customers who lose or destroy the product and did not follow the guidance given to safeguard it.

The delivery email in which every customer receives their user account details does its best to draw customers' attention to the importance of backing up data and using the support facilities while they're available:

Support lasts 6 months (for free support bundled with licenses) or 12 months if ordered separately. Support coverage provides access to our technical support through the online ticket system as well as access to the latest downloads of the full product.

You will only have access to the user area during the support coverage period. For this reason we suggest you download and keep a copy of the software before your support coverage expires so that you have a backup of it in the event of a disk crash or similar problem. We also suggest that you install and customize the software during the support period
while you have the benefit of technical support. We regret that we cannot provide a free extension to support after expiry for any reason.

Regarding technical support, we do not charge $210/$420 just to answer a single question. That price is for one year's support for the standard/pro version, and covers all licenses on your account. It allows you to open support tickets about issues and to download the latest zip files from our site.

We don't offer any option for tech support on a per issue basis as we do not necessarily know how long an issue might take to resolve prior to investigating it. Therefore we could not quote a price for the support in advance.

Please remember that Cactusoft must allocate valuable time and resources to providing support. Answering tech support questions, diagnosing and fixing web site problems and adding new features and improvements to the software all use valuable developer time. Keeping our web site running smoothly and ensuring that the zips available are continually improved takes time and resources too. It is not possible to provide such services for the life of the software for free.

Consequently we provide 6 months free support, with continued support beyond this available for those clients who require it. Our order form, license agreement and the delivery email both make the duration of support cover clear. There is no obligation to renew support; many customers do not require it and do not renew it. For those that do require it, our support costs equate to less than 2 hours of our time charged for custom developments (for 'standard' support, double for 'pro' support).

In summary, we cannot provide extended support services for free for any reason so please ensure you make use of the support while it is available on your account. And please back up valuable data, including your copy of CactuShop.

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